Mind Driven Golf

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Mind Driven Golf
"Wrap your mind around the game."™

Lydia Manthei M.D., C.Ht.

Sports Performance Certified Mental Coach and Hypnotherapist.
Re-Program Your Golf Mind…
Play in the Zone…
Lower Your Score!

• Increase focus and confidence.
• Shrug off your bad shots.
• Trust your swing under pressure.
• Eliminate your fears.
• Discard negative "self-talk."
• Relax! Have fun!

Try it Risk-Free! With my ONE YEAR, 100% money back guarantee.
You have nothing to lose (except your high golf score)!

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About Dr. Manthei

A graduate of medical school, specializing in Psychiatry, I began many years ago to incorporate golf psychology and hypnotic techniques in helping golfers improve golf performance and enjoyment of the game. I've devoted my energies exclusively to the mental game of golf, to help people realize their true potential and "play in the zone". Applying techniques of the mental game to tennis, snow skiing, water skiing and mental aspects of golf in my own life, gave me the edge to perform, and therefore enjoy my experience in sports. I have helped many people over the years, and I can help you too!
MIND DRIVEN GOLF is the mastery of your mind during the golf shot. It is being able to direct your focus at will, in a matter of seconds. A rapidly increasing number of professional golfers now recognize the importance of mental coaching and mental golf training for peak performance of their game.

This results in lower score, better golf and increases overall enjoyment of the sport. You will learn this and more, and encode it into your golf mind and body by listening to my golf hypnosis CD.

What are you waiting for?

Better results on the golf course can start NOW! There is no doubt that having a solid golf swing is essential to playing good golf, but it is not the KEY to lower scores. The golf secret to improving your golf game relies on managing your thoughts and emotions. Thoughts in your head cause physical reactions in the body. The body always responds to the images in your mind. Hypnosis for golf has proven to be the fastest way to improve your golf game. Golf hypnosis is not mind control.

It is a feeling of "relaxed concentration" with the body relaxed, and the mind focused. In golf, on occasion, you might experience playing "in the zone." You have a great round, playing almost effortlessly, not realizing the experience as hypnotic.

My recording focuses on "How to play effortless and enjoyable golf", "Low score golf in the zone", and "How to create relaxed concentration on command", whenever you want it!

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