New attitudes and new ways of thinking on the golf course can be learned.

Avoid the mistake of taking attention off the process of playing golf, and thinking about losing or winning.

Winning golf is all about staying in the present moment, and enjoying the process of competing to the best of your ability.

Be aware of negative thoughts, especially the ones that quickly cross your mind, and replace them with positive ones, or let them simply fade away.

Great players know that playing superb golf, involves attracting clear, positive images into their mind.

Negative thoughts cause physical reactions in your body. The body then responds by releasing hormones such as Norepinephrine and Adrenaline, that cause an increase of the heart rate, breathing, anxiety, and muscle tension.

Don’t complain or make excuses for your shots. Don’t dwell on mistakes.

Build confidence by reminding yourself that you have practiced, and hit that shot many times before. Go over the shots you hit well after every round.

The “perfect” practice is in your imagination. Your brain does not differentiate between an imagined and real event, it just carries out the program you have installed.

When feeling pressure, take a deep breath, and on exhale, think: “slow down… relax… enjoy.”

Practice your pre-shot routine, practice the WAY you play.

Let go of all expectations. Focus on one shot at a time.

Tell yourself encouraging thoughts as if you were doing so for a friend.

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