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John B. of San Diego, California writes: I have played golf for several years, but something was missing from my potential. Dr. Mantheiís approach is professional, but easy to follow. I read the site, got the CD and listened to it. I used to get mad because I was trying to beat myself instead of focusing on what I was doing right then. This CD is as important to my game as any coaching at the club. Thanks so much for the help.

Susan C. of San Diego, California writes: I had to write because Iím so impressed on how clear I feel now when playing! Dr. Manthei really understands, but not just from a womanís view. My husband is not even a golfer and HE even liked the calming effect when he listened to the program.

Dan H. of Denver, Colorado writes: When I would get coaching at the range on my swing the constant correction to my form was always keeping me from hitting the ball long. Letting go and keeping my cool was the trick for me. I love it!

Donald B.: Thank you Dr. Manthei! I have been playing golf for the last 20 years, and I have never able to break 80. Since listening to your CD, I have been able to bring my index down to an 8, and recently was able to card an EVEN par 72! Not only have my scores improved, my attitude has improved dramatically. I am more relaxed, more focused, and able to enjoy each round of golf I play. Thank you for giving my game a new life!

Danny O.: Dr Manthei, I canít tell you how much your guidance has meant to me over the last few years. As a young Junior Golfer, I was unable to reach my full potential because I was easily distracted, and was always worrying about trouble spots instead of the target. With your help, I have discovered a level of focus and concentration that has been lacking in my game. The results have been in placing 2nd, 2nd, 4th, and 7th in the last few World Championships in San Diego and Pinehurst, North Carolina. Your program really works, and I recommend it to any junior or adult golfer.

Carl M. of Las Vegas, Nevada writes: I have found an essential tool that has helped my golf game by sharpening my focus on what I am doing at the moment. The Mp3 download is most convenient as I travel often. This recording has an added benefit. My approach to any task outside of golf has improved markedly with more concentration. I will be recommending this to my friends. Thank you.

Dear Dr.Manthei,
I feel your Mind Driven Golf CD is spot on and very useful for all golfers who want to improve their scoring. I might not have the time to practice at the range 2-3 times a week, but will have the time daily to listen and prepare my mind and body to relax when competing on the course. Who wouldn't want to beat their friends and competitors in weekly competitons? Listen and practice these simple mind and relaxation techniques to allow yourself to play your A game consistently. Do it now. Your golf friends will take notice.
Rob Mullaney
Former UNLV Div.1 College Golfer

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