A trained brain utilizes psychology, sports hypnosis, inner game, and music therapy with “BINAURAL BEAT” technology, to create a state of mind for peak performance, and enjoyment of the golf game.

The brain wave frequency can cause chemical reactions in the body that affects thoughts, and consequently, actions.

This technology unleashes the power to learn, to create, to change. Your brain emits a series of different brainwave frequencies. If external stimulus is applied to the brain, it becomes possible to entrain (redirect) the brain frequencies from one state to another. When you are relaxed, your brainwaves slow from higher frequencies, into the gentle waves of Alpha state. This increases creativity, increases focus, and lowers stress and anxiety.

My CD utilizes “BINAURAL BEAT” technology to enhance peak performance in the “zone”. You can leverage the powers of the mind-body connection to obtain optimal mental and physical performance.

“Wrap your mind around the game.”

$29.95/US (plus $5.00 shipping & handling)

My personal mental coaching rate is: $100.US/per hour.

Phone (telesession) coaching rate is: $100.US/per hour.

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WARNING: Do not operate a vehicle or
operate machinery while listening to the CD.